Theodore Morley: Researcher

About Me

I am a scientist and software developer who has over six years of experience in researching artificial intelligence, genetics, and healthcare processes. I've been working as a data scientist in the Ruderfer lab, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville Tennessee.

I grew up on Elm Gate Farm, my family's farm in Vermont, digging around in old junkyards and building small projects outside often. I love hiking, theater, and cooking. I received my degree in computer science from McGill University in 2018.

Selected Research

Here are some of my research projects, along with links to view the associated papers:

I've included only first author publications here, but Google scholar is usually quite good about collecting links to all the publications I've been a part of.

Presentations and Talks

Contact me

You can email me by taking the following address, replacing [at] with @, and "tree" with the tree type in the name of the farm I grew up on (mentioned at the start of this page):


I have my direct messages open on most websites that you can reach out to me on, and I'm happy to talk about science, software, or most things really.

Here's a picture of what I look like!

This is what I look like!